GOP Holds Country Hostage


EDITOR: I’m old enough to remember when Republicans supported our military. Military promotions are decided by the services involved and used to be routinely approved by the Senate. Now we have a first-time senator from Alabama substituting his moral judgement for those of the people involved and blocking military promotions.

Ex-football coach Tommy Tuberville is upset because female service members or wives of male service members may need to travel out of the state they are stationed in to obtain an abortion.The military does not pay for the abortion but does reimburse for travel expenses as they would for any other health care not available where members are stationed. Currently over 300 promotions are being blocked. Now Republicans in the House of Representatives are threatening to shut the government down so military members will not get paid.

They say they are worried about our national debt, but it didn’t seem to bother them when Trump added over $7 trillion to the debt — the largest debt increase of any president in our history.

Members of the military are sacrificing their personal lives to keep all of us safe. Republicans need to stop harassing them and get back to supporting the military for the sake of our country.

Helen Hoar,


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