The Chequamegon Democrats, or CheqDems, are one of 71 county chapters affiliated with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. We represent Bayfield and Ashland counties. We are a group of like-minded volunteers working to get Democrats elected, bring common sense and decency back to politics, and support other like minded groups in their efforts to address the things we care about.

What We Believe In:

  • The Constitution and the Rule of Law
  • Voting Rights, Non-partisan voting districts
  • Women’s autonomy over their bodies
  • Social and racial justice
  • Social safety nets to insure the safety and economic well-being of all citizens
  • Protecting our Environment

What Don’t We Believe In:

  • The Big Lie
  • Partisan gerrymandering of voting districts and political control of elections
  • Providing tax breaks for the wealthy
  • Ignoring Climate Change 
  • Defunding the police. We believe in reforms and accountability

Chapter Officers

  • Chair – Mary Hayes
  • Vice Chair – Open
  • Treasurer – Alan Waite
  • Secretary – Kate Stolp
  • Communications – Madelaine Kemp
Governor Tony Evers
Lt. Governor Sara Rodriguez
Senator Tammy Baldwin
President Joe Biden