Trump’s Behavior

Stop supporting the man-child

Aug 29, 2023 

EDITOR: Listening to former president Donald Trump denigrate our judicial system and his Republican rivals, I am reminded of a saying common in my childhood: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Calling others demeaning names and lying are the actions of a bully or a very small child who always wants his way.

Our former president’s behavior is something that we would not want our children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren to emulate. I am bewildered why people who would not want their children behaving in this manner feel it is all right for the person who represents our country to the world to behave like this.

President Joe Biden is not attention-getting like former president Trump, but we do not have to be ashamed to have him represent our country.

Helen Hoar,


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