Quinn follows GOP playbook, drops the ball, blames Evers 

Imagine waking up one day and finding out our newly elected state Senator is not up to the job. This became very clear after reading his letter in the July 18th Ashland Daily Press.

Senator Quinn’s Rip Van Winkle like tale leaves out lots of details to disguise his real intent. Quite simply, his goal was to blame Governor Evers, for something the governor has no control over. The vexing issue facing the Town of Sandborn and Ashland County is complicated by the fact that the town lies completely within the boundaries of the Bad River Reservation, making this a federal issue. It is not unique to these jurisdictions. After years of litigation, the court ruled in favor of the Tribes. This process finally worked its way through the courts.  It did not happen the night before, while Romaine Van Winkle Quinn slept.

Our modern-day Rip Van Winkle’s tale is a political fantasy, notable only for the gaslighting; implied misdeeds by the town board, a dreaded “death spiral”, a “glimmer of hope” and plot like the worst “financial horror movies”, (whatever those are?).

The Governor was right to veto our “newly elected legislator’s “glimmer of hope”. The “neighbors” won. Why should Wisconsin taxpayers the rescue non-indigenous 15%? 

If Senator Quinn were truly concerned, he could be a much better advocate for all his constituents and affected communities by working with his federal counterparts to find a solution, instead of making up stories and creating political drama. Honestly, I don’t believe he’s up to it.

Alan Waite


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