Dear Editor:

We are residents of Bayfield County where Justice Janet Protasiewicz won her election in 2023 by about 64%.

Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker, Robin Vos, is threatening to impeach her if she does not recuse herself from the gerrymandered maps case. Time is of the essence to express an opinion.

We are urge readers to contact their State Assemblyman, Chanz Green, to vote against impeachment of Justice Protasiewicz from the State Supreme Court. 

Yes, she stated the fact the the gerrymandered voting maps are rigged (just as Assemblyman Vos has noted in earlier statements). However she never  promised to rule that the current maps are unconstitutional. Such a promise is the standard for recusal; an expression of personal views is not. This expression is a First Amendment right upheld by the Federal Supreme Court with Justice Scalia writing for the majority.

The other argument Vos gives for impeachment is that the Democratic Party donated millions to Janet’s campaign. First, the Democratic Party is not a party to the lawsuit. Second, Janet has said that she would recuse herself from any case in which the Democratic Party is a defendant, even though recusal is not required in such a situation.

Attempting to remove Justice Protasiewicz is a thinly veiled direct partisan attack on our courts, our democracy, and the will of Wisconsin voters. 

We understand that a number of Republicans feel this move by Vos is an overreach and will backfire. We hope Assemblyman Green feels the same way.  We are looking forward to his response.

Mary & Jack Wichita

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